Mac Mini

Apple devices are immensely popular among the population for their robust, dependable, trend-setting features and of course, appearance, but we all know that Apple does not offer repair services; instead, it only offers replacement; therefore, we at Ixpert understand the frustration of owning a defective device
with a problem for which paying replacement cost appears to be too much. With a vision to address this issue, Mac Planet was founded with a team of expert technicians having more than one decade of experience and a team of engineers along with a good track record to repair any apple device-related issues and iMac repair Bangalore without compromising their service quality.

What is Mac Planet?

The mission of  Macplanet Service Center is to provide next-generation Mobility & IT service solutions for all the major brands of mobile devices, tablets, and laptops. And we achieved this through a combination of corporate philosophy and technical excellence.



We are the fastest service provider in Bangalore, which is working in this field, so many devices we make immediately and we make the device which takes time in this as soon as possible. try to give


We use all the things of Apple for your Apple device and whatever device is there, we provide all that at very low prices so that the customer gets a good service in very less money.

Certified Technician

All the technicians we have are certified technicians, they have 10 years experience in this field and it makes apple products very quickly and very smart way and the technician here says that whatever the product We make it guaranteed that it will last very well